October 28, 2020

New Provençal gin offers a ‘taste of France’ despite UK lockdown

A new distillery operating from the heart of Provence, QVT, has launched its first hand-crafted spirit; QVT Dry Gin, picking up two awards within the past month – it really is that good!

Selecting only the highest quality local ingredients, the botanicals used in the distillation process include Juniper, Lavender, Rose-flower, Rosemary, Coriander seeds, Pine and Grape. The result is an aroma that captures the essence of Provence, whilst satisfying all needs from a traditional dry gin.

The initial taste of QVT Dry Gin confirms that it is a gin, hence the juniper comes out first, after which the other ingredients, including citrus, coriander and lavender, start to emerge. Think Provencal sunsets, warm sun by the pool, or under a cafe umbrella in the square of a local village. This gin is ‘unapologetically’ Provençal! Perfect to enjoy during British summer’s night, dreaming of that Provençal sunset that we won’t be enjoying this summer!

QVT is short for ‘quatre-vingt trois’, which is ‘83’ in French, representing the code of the department’s base in the heart of Provence. The spirit makers are dedicated to creating hand-crafted spirits in small batches inspired by the idyllic surroundings and ingredients.

Aside from the newly launched gin, QVT is hard at work on its next product; a clear vodka, also with a local twist.

QVT Dry Gin is available from Southern Wines, RRP £36.60 or, for trade orders, visit the website for further info.