May 21, 2019

New Atkins launches low carb crispbread

Low carb doesn’t mean low taste when it comes to the new crispbreads from New Atkins. Full of flavour and packed with plenty of crunch, the tasty snack is perfect for topping or dipping.

Containing 50 per cent less carbohydrates than other brands of crispbreads, while high in protein and fibre, the breads are a great way to add variety to a diet when following the New Atkins Approach.

The Crispbreads are versatile enough to act as a breakfast, lunch or evening snack and can go perfectly with cheese, ham, salmon and low carb spreads.

Containing just 1.8g carbohydrates per Crispbread, they come in a pack of 20 (RRP £2.19) and can be purchased from Boots stores and