March 4, 2021

MuscleFood launches new plant-based pizza

Online healthy food retailer has launched a new stone baked high protein plant-based pizza.

Developed exclusively by food experts at, the nation’s favourite indulgent takeaway has been transformed into a diet friendly plant-based version with all the same great taste.

Swapping traditional carb laden, fat filled pizza bases for a new delicious vegan oval base, the pizza is topped with the finest fresh ingredients and dairy free cheese for a truly authentic tasty pizza.

Clocking in at a total of only 558 calories, the MuscleFood Caramelised Onion Mushroom plant-based pizza has a fraction of the carbs and fat in traditional takeaway versions for guilt free enjoyment.

Ideal as a meal or snack at any time of day, these plant-based pizzas are ideal for both vegan and meat-eating gym goers who are looking for macro friendly, high protein, fibre rich food that is low in carbohydrates and fat.

Each plant-based pizza base is fortified with pea protein and has a grand total of 29.7g of protein – the same amount as whole chicken breast.

The high protein content means vegan gym goers looking to bolster their protein intake won’t have to scrimp on muscle gain or worry about growing their waistlines.

Each pizza retails at £3.25 and takes just 12 minutes in the oven, so it is simple and quick to prepare for healthy indulgence in no time.

The MuscleFood vegan pizza launched at Body Power fitness expo in May and was well received by both vegan and meat-eating attendees who queued for hours to grab a slice, deeming it ‘delicious’ and ‘no different to traditional fresh, stone baked pizza’.

Made with a thin and crispy vegan oval base, the MuscleFood Caramelised Onion Mushroom pizza is topped with dairy free cheese, sautéed garlic mushrooms, caramelised red onion and tomato wedges.

An entire pizza has 558 calories, 29.7g of protein, 65.8g of carbs, 17g of fat and 11.6g of fibre. Compared to the popular Pizza Hut vegan veggie pizza, which racks in at a whopping 1,120 calories* the MuscleFood plant-based version is a much healthier choice.

Darren Beale of said: “We are delighted to be launching our new plant-based pizza to our customers, developed especially for health-conscious people who want to lead a plant based lifestyle and eat something that looks and tastes as good as their favourite takeaway treat.

“The market for plant-based food has grown impressively in the last few years and in the UK, there’s estimated to be around 542,000 people now following a purely plant-based diet**.

“The calorie count of takeaway pizzas is well into the thousands, so it’s great that we are able to offer a healthy authentic plant-based alternative that’s full of protein. Vegans can hit their protein quota and keep in shape without giving up the food they love.

“With each pizza containing less than 600 calories, we believe that this is quite possibly one of the most delicious stone-baked low calorie and high protein pizzas available in the UK.”