February 23, 2019

More Than Meat launches Jerk Burger

Revolutionary food brand More Than Meat, is launching a new Jerk Burger. It will be the first vegan Jerk Burger available in the UK.

It looks and tastes just like a traditional Jerk Burger, but the proteins come from plants and wholefoods instead of animals. Barry Honeycombe, the founder of More Than Meat, decided to develop the Jerk Burger after spotting a gap in the meat-free convenience food sector: “Jerk Burgers have a great flavour that is rare to find in vegetarian or vegan convenience foods. We developed our burger to fill that gap and offer our customers a flavoursome and wholesome meat-free alternative, that doesn’t compromise on taste.”

The Jerk Burgers were offered as tasters to visitors to the recent Food Matters Live conference. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the product was given the green light to be launched.

As with the rest of the More Than Meat range, which includes Burgers, Sausages and Casseroles, the Jerk Burger will be aimed at people who are looking to reduce their in-take of meat; plus vegetarians and vegans.

The taste is rich and spicy, with a warm spectrum of flavours, intensified by Thyme, Lime Juice and Chilli. A carefully balanced mix of plant proteins, red kidney beans and spices create the satisfying and tasty flavour.

The Jerk Burgers come in packs of two, with an RRP of £2.95. More Than Meat also offer wholesale prices for retail and food service clients.

The More Than Meat range uses a blend of plant-proteins and wholefoods to make tasty meals and snacks. The foods are high-protein and free from cholesterol, added fats, eggs, dairy and meat.