February 22, 2019

Montezuma’s unveils Spring 2016 range

Montezuma’s has revealed its Spring 2016 range of innovative chocolates and chocolate gifts. The range features new products and old favourites packaged in brand new designs, and includes delicious treats for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter.

The Valentine’s Day range will include:

·         Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Hearts cube – delicious milk chocolate shaped into mini hearts with gooey salted caramel in the middle

·         Dark Chocolate Vanilla Caramel Hearts cube – indulgent dark chocolate mini hearts with a soft vanilla caramel centre

·         White Chocolate and Strawberry Truffle Hearts cube – smooth mini white chocolate hearts filled with a creamy strawberry ganache

·         Valentine’s Gift Set – milk chocolate salted caramel hearts cube, dark chocolate vanilla caramel hearts cube and a white chocolate and strawberry truffle hearts cube combined in a gift pack, finished with ribbon.

The Montezuma’s 2016 Mother’s Day range will include:

·         Milk Chocolate with Mango Caramel Hearts – smooth milk chocolate hearts filled with soft mango caramel

·         Milk Chocolate Covered Honeycomb – sweet little pieces of delightful honeycomb smothered in milk chocolate

·         White Chocolate with Raspberry Truffle Hearts – mini hearts of white chocolate filled with an oozing white chocolate and tangy raspberry centre

·         Mother’s Day Gift Set – milk chocolate with mango caramel hearts, milk chocolate covered honeycomb and white chocolate with raspberry truffle hearts in a gift pack, finished with ribbon.

The Montezuma’s Easter 2016 range will consist of:Montezuma's chocolate button eggs

·         Chocolate Button Eggs – available in smooth milk organic chocolate or vegan-friendly dark chocolate, and filled with Montezuma’s famous organic giant chocolate buttons

·         Caramel Filled Eggs – three hen-sized chocolate eggs filled with fruity caramels including milk chocolate with mango, dark chocolate with lime and sea salt, and white chocolate with orange

·         Chocolate Truffle Eggs – a thick-shelled chocolate egg filled with soft-centred truffle minis. Available in dark chocolate and filled with dark mini egg truffles and milk chocolate with peanut butter mini eggs inside

·         Cheeky Chocolate Bunnies – boxes of eight solid dark, milk and white organic chocolate bunniesMontezuma's Milk & Dark Eco Eggs

·         Eco Eggs – an organic milk and butterscotch chocolate egg or an organic and vegan-friendly dark chocolate egg with cocoa nibs, both encased in award-winning and innovative eco-friendly packaging

·         Chunky Eggs – organic, hollow and chunky Easter eggs available in smooth milk chocolate and vegan-friendly dark chocolate

·         Peanut Butter Mini Eggs Bag – small but perfectly formed milk chocolate mini eggs filled with deliciously rich salted peanut butter.

Montezuma’s is an award-winning chocolate company, established in 2000, which produces innovative British chocolate, selling its range of bars and truffles through its own shops in London and the South East, online and through Liberty’s, Waitrose, John Lewis, Selfridges and good independent fine food stores nationwide.

Helen Pattinson, Montezuma’s co-founder, comments: “Kick-starting 2016 with fresh and exciting new products ties in perfectly with the blossoming season of Spring. As always, we like to add innovation to our chocolate so we have had great fun offering a twist on tradition, with new flavours this season. The Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day gift sets are a particular favourite of mine, as not only are they a crowd-pleasing favourite, they’re a perfect treat for those who can’t decide which flavours to choose!”