October 21, 2020

Mercedes-Benz Sprinters deliver the daily bread for JG Ross

Aberdeenshire bakery JG Ross stuck to its proven recipe for success when ordering a batch of four Mercedes-Benz Sprinters from local Dealer BLS Truck & Van.

Inverurie-based JG Ross has been relying on Mercedes-Benz vehicles since the 1980s, and today every one of its 14 vans wears a three-pointed star.

The latest are its first from the third-generation Sprinter range, which combines the model’s traditional strengths of unrivalled reliability, safety and attractive ‘whole life’ operating costs, with ground-breaking 4G connectivity. 

All 314 CDI L3 H2 models, the new vans are powered by fuel-efficient 143hp engines. The Cold Consortium, of York, converted their long, high-roofed bodies to provide split chilled and ambient temperature compartments, and fitted Hubbard Z350 refrigeration units.

“Mercedes-Benz vans have proved themselves over the years to be extremely reliable and cost-effective in a pretty arduous application,” confirmed JG Ross Production Director, Cameron Ross, whose parents founded the family firm in 1962.

“Our vans leave very early in the morning – the last ones are gone by 5am – and we work them hard. We expect our Sprinters to last five years, during which time a van will typically rack up around 200,000 miles. In our experience, they’ll take that in their stride with no trouble.”

He continued: “We’ve tried vehicles by a couple of other manufacturers in the past, but they just didn’t last the pace as well. Nothing is as reliable as a Mercedes-Benz.”

The Sprinters deliver JG Ross’s breads, cakes, pies and ‘butteries’ – the renowned savoury bread rolls, which are a popular treat across the North East of Scotland – together with newer lines including sandwiches and ready meals. 

The supply the company’s own network of 19 shops, as well as other retail outlets, located from Forres in the north to Dundee in the south, and from the east coast as far inland as Braemar.

The latest Sprinter features the cutting-edge MBUX infotainment system with user-friendly voice control function, while Mercedes PRO connect provides customers with a range of fast, efficient and cost-effective vehicle management services.

The cab interior, meanwhile, offers the most car-like driving experience yet seen in a van,  and the vehicle’s industry-leading safety armoury includes the autonomous Active Brake Assist system, which features another ‘first’ in the shape of pedestrian recognition technology, and ATTENTION ASSIST, which detects drowsiness in the driver and encourages them to take breaks when tired.

“These new Sprinters are even nicer to drive than their predecessors,” said Mr Ross. “They’ve been really well received by colleagues, and no wonder… I’ve taken one out myself and the cab interior and experience at the wheel are superior to anything else I’ve tried.

“We also do all that we can to protect our employees, and other road users, whenever our vans are out working. With its comprehensive array of safety features, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is instrumental in helping us do so.”

Operating from Aberdeen’s Altens Industrial Estate, BLS Truck & Van sells and supports the award-winning Mercedes-Benz Vans range, which also comprises Vito and Citan van models.  

(Image: Simon Price/Firstpix)