January 16, 2019

Media Pack & Forward Features List 2018

Web Rates

Reach an audience of over 25,000 visitors with a website press release insertion (Up to 300 words and an image) and link tweeted on @FMCGmagazine twitter for £125.00 plus VAT. Our banner options meanwhile are:

Website Sponsor

Top Leaderboard (All Pages)
£1665 plus VAT monthly

Size: 600px x 180px
Format: .jpg .gif .png
Links: dofollow

Creative Banner

Secondary Leaderboard (Home or Categories)
£965 plus VAT monthly

Size: 1110px x 380px
Format: .jpg .gif .png
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Creative Square

MPU (Article or Category Sidebar)
£565 plus VAT (monthly for Category Sidebar)

Size: 300px x 250px
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FMCG Forward Features List – 2018/19


March 2018 Issue

Focus on: School Catering / Food Production and Manufacturing (Region: WALES)

Submissions Deadline: Friday 11th January 2018


April 2018 Issue

Focus on: Retail & Wholesale / Packaging (Region: IRELAND)

Submissions Deadline: Friday 23rd February 2018


May 2018 Issue

Focus on: Fairtrade / Free From (Region: LONDON)

Submissions Deadline: Friday 23rd March 2018


June 2018 Issue

Focus on: Premium Ales, Ciders and Spirits / Corporate Social Responsibility (Region: EAST MIDLANDS)

Submissions Deadline: Friday 20th April 2018


July 2018 Issue

Focus on: Health & Vitality / Convenience Retail (Region: SOUTH-WEST)

Submissions Deadline: Friday 25th May 2018


August 2018 Issue

Focus on: Exports / Ice Cream (Region: YORKSHIRE)

Submissions Deadline: Friday 22nd June 2018


September 2018 Issue

Focus on: Transport & Logistics / Organic (Region: CHANNEL ISLANDS)

Submissions Deadline: Friday 20th July 2018


October 2018 Issue

Focus on: Veganism / Halloween (Region: NORTH-WEST)

Submissions Deadline: Friday 24th August 2018


November 2018 Issue

Focus on: ‘On the Move’ / Ethnic cuisine (Region: NORTH-EAST)

Submissions Deadline: Friday 21st September 2018


December 2018 Issue

Focus on: Christmas Products / Restaurant Trends (Region: EAST MIDLANDS)

Submissions Deadline: Friday 26th October 2018


January 2019

Focus on: 2018 Review / 2019 Trends / Awards / Non-alcoholic Beverages (Region: SCOTLAND)

Submissions Deadline: Friday 23rd November 2018


February 2018

Focus on: Bakery / Fairtrade (Region: SOUTH-EAST)

Submissions Deadline: Friday 21st December 2018