November 24, 2020

Meantime rolls out ‘Make time for it’ campaign across the UK

Meantime Craftsmen Project - Julia Bickerstaff, Leeds
Meantime Craftsmen Project – Julia Bickerstaff, Leeds

Six beers. Six cities. Six craftsmen.  Meantime Brewing Company has launched its ‘Make Time For It’ campaign, celebrating ‘time’ as the fifth ingredient in all of its beers. Meantime mature its beers for up to six weeks, allowing the beer to mature and mellow for greater flavour. The campaign seeks to highlight and celebrate the care and attention afforded to every keg and bottle of Meantime beer, whilst showcasing the master craftsmanship of the brewers.

‘Make Time For It’ will see Meantime collaborate with six handpicked, expert craftsmen across six major UK cities; Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol, Brighton and London. Meantime challenged each of the six craftsmen to create something unique in the same six weeks it will take them to brew a bespoke beer. Both Meantime and the craftsmen will take inspiration from one another’s craft, personality and values which will be reflected in the final products. The specially designed pieces will be featured in Meantime’s Make Time For It Pop Up Bar at the end of the campaign in October. The bar will be open for the public at the London Bridge City Summer Festival, ‘London Riviera’ exhibiting the best of British craft and will be the perfect drinking environment in which to take time over a beer.

The six limited edition beers will be brewed on Meantime’s new Pilot Brewery led by BrewMaster, Ciaran Giblin. The beers will be available in the Meantime Brewery shop, Tasting Rooms and online store, as well as stockists of Meantime’s recently launched ‘The Pilot Series’.

Meantime will spend six weeks activating the campaign in each of the key cities, at the end of which the bespoke beer and final crafted product will be revealed. ‘Make Time For It’ launched in Manchester this week with a series of events at key outlets. Events will include Meet the Brewer and Sommelier Sessions, Virtual Reality Brewery Tours and a range of other tasting and food matching evenings, as well as the chance to meet the hero craftsmen local to the city. From Manchester the activity will head north to Glasgow, followed by the other key cities across the summer months.

Rich Myers, Marketing Director of Meantime Brewing Company, says: “Our roots are in Greenwich, the universal home of time, and aside to being the fifth ingredient in our beer, time is also in our name. ‘Make Time For It’ is about celebrating the time and passion we put into each one of our beers, as well as the leading craftsmen around the UK who share our values.

“Our brewers continue to produce great beers that have helped shape the Modern Craft Beer category and set them apart as master craftsmen in their own right. We’ve chosen fellow experts in their craft whose passion for their art matches our own and challenged them to create something unique in the same six weeks it will take us to brew a bespoke beer.”

This is the first time the brewer has activated a complete through-the-line campaign across advertising, digital, CRM, PR and experiential trade activation, signifying a major milestone in the journey of one the UK’s most pioneering breweries.

Meantime Craftsmen Project - Julia Bickerstaff, Leeds
Meantime Craftsmen Project – Julia Bickerstaff, Leeds

By focusing on six key cities across the UK, Meantime intends to drive awareness and distribution of its range of award-winning beers, and celebrate the best of British craft.

Each craftsman will be filmed throughout the process to create a series of campaign films, which will be shown at independent cinemas throughout the six cities. The final pop-up bar will be on Southbank at London Riviera from mid-October and will showcase all six finished products alongside the six bespoke beers.

The craftsmen are:

Liam Hopkins, Lazerian

Furniture Designer, Manchester


Marion Parola and Yvonne Elliott, Bespoke Atelier

Surface Designers, Glasgow


Julia Bickerstaff, Neoncraft

Neon Artist, Leeds


James Adlington, Bristol Blue Glass

Glass Maker, Bristol


Gresham Blake, Gresham Blake

Tailor, Brighton


Ged Palmer, Ged Palmer,

Sign Writer, London


For further information on Meantime and the Make Time For It campaign, visit

Any outlets who would like to stock the ‘Make Time For It’ beers or host a ‘Make Time For It’ event, please contact [email protected]