February 17, 2020

Magnum launches new White Chocolate & Cookies range

Magnum, the renowned expert in luxury ice cream and chocolate, is encouraging the nation to be free to indulge in everyday playful moments with its brand new White Chocolate & Cookies range… The new sophisticated collection will be joining the brand’s much-loved and perfectly-balanced wider collection of white chocolate products.

Magnum has created its most playful and indulgent variety yet, available in both the iconic Magnum Stick and Tub forms. 

New Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies Stick

Get ready for whatever impromptu pleasures the summer throws at you with Magnum’s White Chocolate & Cookies Stick.

Tear away the vibrant, luxe gold foil wrapping and reveal a sumptuous outer-layer of signature cracking white chocolate, with generous speckles of cookie crumb pieces. Discover its core, encased a velvety panna ice cream with a cookie flavour chocolate sauce swirl, and live out your most playful moments – fearlessly and boldly.

New Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies Sticks have an RRP* of:

Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies 3 x 90ml RRP* – £3.69 (Stick multipack)

Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies 6 x 55ml RRP* – £3.93 (Mini stick multipack)

Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies 90ml RRP* – £2.00 (Single stick)

New Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies Tubs

Unleash that playful side in your moment of “me-time”… sit back, and indulge.

Squeeze the pack and crack the white chocolate disk layer on top, filled with cookie crumb pieces, and uncover the satisfyingly creamy panna ice cream beneath. Discover generous helpings of white chocolate shards throughout the tub and an irresistible cookie flavour chocolate sauce swirl.

Enjoy your “me-moment”, rediscovering the joys of white chocolate, and be inspired to daringly live out your truest pleasures with the new Magnum White Chocolate Tub. After all, a day without pleasure is a day lost.

New Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies Tubs have an RRP* of £3.85 (440ml)

Rainforest Alliance certified, pleasure seekers can enjoy the new range’s premium taste in the comfort of knowing that all Magnum cocoa beans have been responsibly sourced and crafted with sustainability at the very heart of it, every step of the journey.

The NEW Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies range can be found in all major retailers nationwide, alongside Magnum’s other iconic white chocolate offerings – including Magnum White Ice Cream Stick, Magnum White Ice Cream Tub and Magnum Mini White Ice Cream.

*Price at sole discretion of retailers