February 17, 2020

Lid Project Ltd to launch Kywie® Amsterdam in the UK

Multi-Service Sales agency Lid Project has been appointed to head up the UK launch and new business development of drinks cooler brand Kywie® Amsterdam.

Kywie® is the only 100% natural wine cooler designed to keep all drinks at an even temperature. Handmade in The Netherlands from Dutch and English sheepskin, there is no passive cooler more sustainable and effective. Kywie® have a philosophy of working with natural biodegradable materials and keeping their carbon footprint to the bare minimum. 

With five model sleeves ranging from champagne and wine bottle to smaller water & soft drink glass bottles and 330ml can sleeves, Lid Project will be working on a robust business development strategy to introduce the Kywie® brand to boutique hotels, events, and premium interior/lifestyle retail stores throughout the UK.

For sales and business information contact Gemma Noble at Lid Project on 01675 620236 or email [email protected]