December 12, 2018

JDM Food Group earns innovation accolade at Casual Dining 2016

As part of the company’s visit to this year’s Casual Dining Exhibition in London, JDM Food Group has earned a prestigious accolade recognising the firm’s innovative new range of Just Add™ Flavour Additions – flavour concentrates for chefs.

JDM Food Group Food Service Director, Mark Jackson, accepted the Casual Dining ‘Innovation Challenge 2016’ commendation on Thursday 25 February for the company’s new range of Just Add™ Flavour Additions – a product that offers easy back-of-house customisation of traditional ingredients, from mayonnaise, sour crème and oil to tomatoes and potatoes, enabling quick, consistent delivery to meet consumers’ tastes at a low cost with no waste. The Judges regarded the range as a “Good innovation for smaller operators, allowing consistency and variety”

Mr Jackson said: “Innovation is a key part of what we do at JDM Food Group, as we’re constantly striving to create new and creative food solutions for all areas of the food industry. We set out to demonstrate the flexibility and high quality of our Just Add™ Flavour Additions concentrates, aimed at the smaller operator at this year’s event, so we couldn’t be happier about them being recognised as one of this year’s most innovative products.” 

JDM Food Group’s Just Add™ Flavour Additions are specially crafted concentrates that come in an array of tastes, including Smoky Chipotle, Roasted Garlic, English Herbs, Sicilian Lemon, Blue Cheese, Marie Rose and Wholegrain Mustard. Each product comes in a 30g sachet, designed to flavour 200g of any classic restaurant ingredient, giving consistent delivery, versatility and complete customisation to dishes.

Mr Jackson continued: “The idea behind our Just Add™ Flavour Additions was to provide something unique that met the needs of the dynamic Food Service market, specifically the smaller operators concerned with wastage costs. Offering these customers a low cost, no waste, easy to use, flexible and great tasting range of options to enhance traditional restaurant sauces and dishes. Having received this prestigious award along with the fantastic feedback from customers, we have full confidence that this range will prove a great success in the coming months. A number of distributors have approached us already, but we are always interested in hearing from new customers.” 

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