July 20, 2019

Japanese imports dramatically shift in response to UK health food trends : Harro Food’s Japan Food Show @ HYPER JAPAN

This year’s Harro Food’s Japan Food Show, hosted at the popular annual trade and consumer show HYPER JAPAN, sees the largest shift in health-focused products since the show began in 2010.

This year’s Harro Food’s Japan Food Show, hosted at the popular annual trade and consumer show HYPER JAPAN, sees the largest shift in health-focused products since the show began in 2010.

Over half the products to be exhibited at the Japan Food Show will provide health benefits or solutions for the wellness-conscious consumer to attract the attention of restaurant buyers attending the trade day on Friday 13th of July.

Gluten-free options for restaurateurs has been the most keenly observed with Gyoza Keikaku introducing their new gluten-free gyoza and Marukome offering a gluten-free liquid miso for stocks and broths allowing restaurants to confidently avoid any trace of gluten while using traditional products. Ueman is offering a gluten-free version of the popular panko ingredient made of rice therefore allowing restaurateurs to expand their gluten-free dishes to offer katsu curry and korokke croquettes, items previously not available for the coeliac customer.

Somi are exhibiting their authentic ramen stock in a vegan variety which will surely be a revenue draw for restaurateurs looking to attract the huge amount of consumers who are currently seeking plant-based dishes, whether vegan or not.

The rich supply of minerals and health benefits from seaweed are well documented in the UK so it is no surprise that furikake (seaweed seasonings) will also have a strong presence at the Japan Food Show. The basic seaweed seasoning was created in the early 20th century to help combat malnutrition and has since been extensively developed with producers currently focusing on-trend products such as the Yukari Red Shiso Leaf Rice Furikake from Mishima. More modern seaweed variations will also be exhibited such as the products from Sewha who have added chirimen (small fish, salted and dried) as well as almonds, brown rice, and nuts to their nori seaweed strips.

Beyond the Japanese restaurant industry Pesca Rich are exhibiting their extremely versatile Egg Sheet Roll, which while can be a perfect alternative for health-conscious eaters as well as vegetarians, and can be adaptable for many cuisines offering an alternative to bread, wraps and development of lighter hand-held takeaway dishes.

Trend-forecasters will note the presence of green tea noodles, not commonly seen in the UK, yet popular in Japan for the health benefit, unusual colour and the refreshing, leafy flavour that provides a contrast to the rich savoury flavours of noodle toppings, as seen in Nippon Access’s Miwabi Dried Matcha Noodles and Toa Food’s Tea-Flavoured Soba Noodles.

Natto is also a trend to watch thanks to the invention of mamenoka, a 25% less stickier version of the original fermented soybean ingredient, exhibited by Asaichiban.  The powerful smell and viscous texture of natto have historically proved a barrier to exports so to reduce the effect of its more off-putting features may be key to an increase in it’s popularly particular taking into account the recognition of it’s health benefits.

Ways of using natto in restaurants is also being addressed with Ahjikan’s Tube Natto allowing Chefs to look at more versatile ways of using this unique ingredient that can also extend beyond Japanese dishes. Jinbo Yoshinaga, head chef at the Hatake Aoyama restaurant in Tokyo, was quoted to say that natto was a good fit with French cuisine highlighting how well it went with wine, cheese, butter, and fresh cream.

The latter is a future example that the Japan Food Show offers interest to buyers throughout the restaurant industry and not exclusively in the Japanese sector.

About Japan Food Show

Japan Food Show at HYPER JAPAN organised by Harro Foods Ltd.

Trade Day at Harro Foods presents Japan Food Show

Friday 13th July from midday to 8pm.

About Harro Foods Ltd.

Established in 1987, Harro Foods is a Japanese food importer, wholesaler and distributor.  Harro Foods specialises in providing quality ingredients to Japanese chain and individual restaurants throughout the UK. Harro Foods Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nishimoto Wismettac Group

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