March 4, 2021

Introducing SPARK – the UK’s first alcoholic sparkling water brand

SPARK, the UK’s first alcoholic sparkling water brand, has launched today (Monday 25 March 2019).

SPARK blends naturally-flavoured sparkling water with a crisp twist of alcohol to create a refreshing, ultra-low calorie drink that contains no added sugar or sweeteners. 

SPARK is initially available in two flavours – ‘Lemon, Lime & Mint’ and ‘Mixed Berry’. At 4% ABV, each 250ml can has only 65 calories and 3g carbs.

SPARK has been created for people who want to lead a balanced lifestyle without cutting out the fun.

So whether you’re looking for a new signature drink, or just up for a good time, SPARK will help you do it in fewer calories – without sacrificing great taste.

Key facts:

• Two flavours – Lemon, Lime & Mint / Mixed Berry

• 250ml cans

• 65 calories

• 3g carbs

• 4% ABV

• No sugar or sweeteners

SPARK is available now from SPARK-DRINK.COM – RRP £3 per can.