June 17, 2021

Injection moulding investment at Detectamet

Detectamet, manufacturer and distributor of detectable products, has recently invested in a series of injection moulding machines of various sizes & capacities, with further machines in the pipeline for installation in 2021.

Based in Pocklington, East Yorkshire, the injection moulding machines allow Detectamet to manufacture a wide range of products on site, such as its dispensers, detectable scoops and even its detectable pen range.

Sean Smith, CEO of Detectamet, is excited by the new investment, saying: “Along with the creation of nine new jobs to manage and service the new machinery (some of Detectamet’s injection moulding team pictured above), the investment is a significant step forward for Detectamet in order to keep more operations in-house, reducing product lead time and enhancing the quality of our products. Detectamet are continuously committed to reducing foreign body contamination risks for our customers, and this is another great step in the right direction. In addition, this investment enhances our ability to manufacture bespoke projects for our global customer base.”

Detectamet’s Injection Moulding Manager, Darren Burke, is delighted with the new operation, adding: “The team here have quickly settled in, got to grips with the new machinery, and managed the workload really well. We’re running these machines 24 hours a day Monday to Friday, massively increasing our manufacturing capability for our core products, whilst also developing bespoke products for specific customer requests. We’ve also introduced systems to reuse ‘waste’ material from each injection moulding cycle, in order to keep things as efficient as possible.”

Darren Burke, Detectamet’s Injection Moulding Manager

Detectamet manufactures its detectable products in nine vibrant colours, making colour-coding and traceability more achievable in a busy manufacturing environment. The polymer for its plastic products is food-contact safe, heat-resistant, metal detectable and X-ray visible, making it perfect for use in food manufacturing environments.

Earlier in the year, Detectamet opened its latest branch in Australia and can now provide 24-hour customer support for its growing global customer base.

For more information regarding Detectamet and its detectable product range, please visit: https://metal-detectable-products.com.