January 20, 2020

Healthy spread king says education vital in fight against sugar

There’s fist-pumps and dismay in equal measure as the scale of the sugar tax is revealed but award-winning food producer Kevin Bath, whose 83 per cent less sugar spread is taking the supermarkets by storm, says education is more important.

Kevin created JimJams after realising that 57 cubes of sugar went into his kids’ favourite, Nutella. 

But rather than “beat people over the head about sugar”, he wants George Osborne’s sugar tax to help empower.

“People should be educated on the facts about sugar and clearer labelling is needed,” said the father-of-two. “There’s no point beating anyone over the head, but we do need to know more about what we’re eating. For example, how much sugar is actually safe to have a day? If a product has 35g of sugar, what does that actually mean? People need to be better educated.”

JimJams was the first brand to be certified by Sugarwise and health campaigners hope that clearer food labelling will help cut the confusion for consumers and support the fight against the growing problem of obesity and sugar related illness such as tooth decay and type-2 diabetes. 

Kevin, alongside his wife Kellie, started their business after being shocked at the amount of unnecessary sugar found in most breakfast spreads. A search for a reduced sugar chocolate alternative proved fruitless and revealed a crucial gap in the market.