February 22, 2019

Hazelnut Drink and Coconut Drink join Mini Almond, as Rude Health releases new 250ml on-the-go cartons

Rude Health’s bestselling Hazelnut and Coconut Drinks have relaunched in to compact and convenient 250ml cartons and are now available in Sainsbury’s and Boots stores nationwide.

Along with the already popular Rude Health Mini Almond Drink, the colourful trio of mini drinks are among the first dairy alternatives to be part of the famous Boots Meal Deal. Talk about big news, for a little drink.

  • Mini Hazelnut Drink: We’d like to take the credit for making this drink delicious, but the truth is that nature did all the work on this one. Its rich, sweet flavour comes from roasted Italian tondo gentile hazelnuts, the best in the world. Its silky texture comes from a little rice that we blend into the mountain spring water. It’s as close as you can get to perfect hazelnuts in liquid form.
  • Mini Almond Drink: Creamy crushed almond is blended smoothly with rice, pure mountain spring water, and a dash of cold-pressed sunflower oil. Rice brings its own natural silky sweetness – so you won’t miss the usual thickeners, syrups or added sugars. It’s a naturally nutty almond milk.
  • Mini Coconut Drink: A refreshing alternative to milk. We take all the lovely white stuff from coconuts and whip it up until it’s smooth. Then we blend it with rice, pure mountain spring water and a pinch of sea salt. The coconut’s oils give it a creamy texture, and a tropical taste.

Stockist: Available in Sainsbury’s and in Boots stores nationwide to be bought individually or as part of the meal deal. Also available on the Rude Health website – www.rudehealth.com.

RRP: £1.05