March 4, 2021

Half of Brits influenced by restaurant quality over price, new research reveals

With the festive party season in full swing, new research has found that the British public considers quality of service to be more important than price when determining whether to make a repeat visit to a restaurant.

The stats reveal half of Brits feel that first-rate, friendly service delivered by restaurant staff is the most significant factor in whether they choose to dine in an eatery, with 86% mostly influenced by the quality of food. Only 43% of diners consider price to be a dominant determiner. Fellow customer reviews (6%) and restaurant location (22%) are also deemed less of a priority when deciding where to eat.

The research provides steer for restaurants to ensure their reputation as champions of the ‘art of hospitality’ is maintained as the UK prepares for the imminent withdrawal from the EU. With 85% of business owners anticipating menu prices to increase as a result of Brexit – and over a third expecting this to be by more than 20% – the restaurant sector needs to ready itself for a shift in Britain’s eating out habit.

The factors considered to be the most important amongst the public when choosing whether to make a repeat visit to a restaurant are:

1.                   Quality of food (86%)

2.                   Quality of service (50%)

3.                   Price point (43%)

4.                   Menu selection (31%)

5.                   Location (22%)

6.                   Food hygiene (21%)

7.                   Atmosphere (12%)

8.                   Customer reviews (6%)

9.                   Accommodating of personal requirements e.g. accessible, special dietary needs etc. (3%)

The findings are revealed as part of a nationwide study involving hospitality industry business managers and members of the public. The campaign, Preserving the ‘Art of Hospitality’: Championing the Industry for Post-Brexit Survival, draws upon extensive research to create an interactive hospitality report. It encourages the industry to work together to ensure the UK maintains its reputation for delivering quality service, with recommendations for how businesses can successfully recruit and retain more staff. It has been released by High Speed Training, a leading online training provider to the hospitality industry.

Dr. Richard Anderson, Head of Learning & Development at High Speed Training, said: “With the recent general election result confirming the UK’s departure from the EU, it is now more important than ever for the hospitality industry to ensure that their 2020 plans consider how the quality service currently being delivered can be maintained to mitigate any negative impacts to the bottom line. Our research findings clearly indicate that this will prove ever more crucial with restaurants needing to prepare for a contraction in consumer spending following Brexit.

“Hospitality is a people-orientated industry, and our report details the ways in which businesses can be proactive in ensuring prosperity through the recruitment and retention of staff. We hope it provides food for thought and helps to shine a spotlight on the many diverse opportunities that are available for those considering a career in this rewarding industry.”

The report also reveals that 97% of hospitality managers and owners are expecting to experience a shortage of labour as a result of a hard Brexit. One in six have said that the UK does not have the workforce available to fill the shortfall.

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The interactive hospitality industry report can be accessed here: