June 20, 2018


(Monday 17th July) – Gregory’s Tree, a new organic fruit snack bar, has launched in the UK to challenge the snack market.  The Blueberry & Raspberry Double Fruit Twists are organic, gluten free and with no added sugar.  Each bar is just 60 calories made from pure fruit, which is gently heated, pulped and twisted to form nutritious snacks designed for people who want to Beat The Dip.  Additional flavours will be launched later this year.


Gregory’s Tree fruit snack bars are now stocked in over 100 gyms, convenience, wholefood and independent coffee shops as well as

delicatessens including Partridges of Chelsea and The Larder.  Their national distributors are Peros Bewley’s, Hallmark Vending, Tree of Life and The Health Store and online retail is handled through Shopify via www.gregorystree.com


Through Compass Group, Gregory’s Tree snacks were also on sale to competitors at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships held at the All England Club, SW19.


Richard Moore, Co-Founder of Gregory’s Tree said:

“I love snacks but couldn’t find one that was healthy, great tasting and gave me a long-term energy boost.  Everything I tried was either aimed at kids, fig based or cereal and nut based and I wanted something more.  I wanted something that had all the flavour and goodness of fruit with the ease of snacking. I wanted a snack that gave me a lasting pick-me-up, or to ‘Beat the Dip’ as we call it.”


Frank Neary, Co-Founder said:

“We have spent nine months developing our launch product and are delighted with the taste and product benefits of the Gregory’s Tree Blueberry & Raspberry Double Fruit Twists.  Each bar is 18g of fruit goodness and only 60 calories.  They look great and taste great.  And because Gregory’s Tree snack bars are all fruit, the natural fructose gives you a sustained energy release, unlike the quick burning empty calories found in biscuits, cakes and chocolate.  Also, each bar is one of your five-a-day.”


Gregory’s Tree Blueberry & Raspberry Double Fruit Twists retail as single bars with an RRP of 69p and boxed in 24s They will be placed on countertops at till points to maximise impulse sales.