January 27, 2021

Gousto launches ‘Taste of India’ range offering customers authentic cuisine from across the country

Gousto, the UK’s leading recipe box company, has developed a series of authentic Indian recipes, giving customers the opportunity to create a taste of India in the home. Gousto, which prides itself on easy to make recipes has created nine inspiring dishes designed to give customers a distinctive taste from across the country.

Indian food, a UK favourite, is known for its flavour and number of spices used meaning it can often seem a daunting and complicated dish to make from fresh. However, these new Indian recipes, created by Gousto’s resident recipe developer Sonali Shah, are not only packed full of taste, but have been developed to make it simple for consumers to create adventurous meals at home.

Sonali says: “Growing up in an Indian household, food has always been at the centre of everything and my Gujarati heritage allowed me to learn the fundamentals of cooking with spices. There is such a complexity of flavours in Indian cooking, simple spices can turn ordinary ingredients into something very special.

“It was in developing the new Indian recipes for Gousto, that I wanted to share my knowledge with the thousands of people who rely on Gousto each week to bring simple, but tasty and nutritious meals into their homes. Each dish has been lovingly created using authentic flavours giving our customers a taste of India that is as true as possible to its origins”

Each recipe has been created to showcase traditional cuisines from across the country, with all nine meals using unique ingredients and authentic cooking processes that many people will be unfamiliar with. 

Gousto’s Taste of India recipes include:

The North

1.    Creamy Chicken Makhani & Buttered Naan

2.    Punjabi-Style Black Dal with Cumin Rice

The South

1.    Chettinad Chicken Curry

2.    Malabar-Style Cauliflower Curry & Basmati Rice

The East

1.    Bengali Mustard Fish with Fragrant Rice

2.    Kolkata Aloo Paneer Curry & Buttered Naan

The West

1.    Goan Prawn Balchao Curry with Basmati Rice

2.    Smoky Gujarati-style Aubergine Currey with Raita

3.    Lamb Keema Pav with Tumeric Roast Potatoes

The Taste of India range starts at £2.98 per portion making it a competitively priced versus more traditional Indian takeaways.  

Gousto believes that food can bring people together, which is why they have made it simple to make tasty family favourites that everyone can enjoy. Delivering precise ingredients, delicious recipes and a dollop of adventure to families doors – everyone can get involved and enjoy cooking.

With free delivery, seven days a week, Gousto aims to fit around your schedule, no matter how busy it may be. The new Taste of India recipes are available now on www.gousto.co.uk and will be available for a month, with recipes costing from £2.98 per portion.