April 20, 2018

Gonzalez Byass launches Croft Twist – the modern British aperitif

Croft Twist, a sparkling ready-mixed long drink, is being launched by Gonzalez Byass UK today (30 May). The product development has been in response to in-depth research undertaken by the Company over the last two years into changing consumer habits in alcohol consumption.

“Croft Twist is the most delicious and visually exciting product that the company has launched in recent years, a true innovation,” says Martin Skelton, Managing Director of Gonzalez Byass UK.

The drink is a take on the refreshing Andalusian ‘rebujito’ (which is Fino sherry, lemonade laden with ice with a garnish of mint). This British version is more elaborate as it blends natural, freshly made elderflower, lemon and mint cordials with Croft Fino and water; all gently sparkled. The drink is best served with a garnish of basil or mint and lots of ice. Its alcohol content is 5.5 per cent.

Research identified that 30-45 year-old female drinkers, those that seek out new experiences, are the primary target market for Croft Twist. It also uncovered their love for heritage brands that reinvent themselves in a respectful and creative way. During extended trials, consumers found Croft Twist to be the perfect aperitif when transitioning from the busy working day to fun, social time with friends and family. Therefore Croft Twist is made available to share in a 75cl bottle and is being launched in Waitrose followed closely by Ocado. The RSP is £7. Matthew Clark is assisting with distribution in the on-premise.

The packaging design evokes British confidence and nostalgia. It cleverly interprets the flavour of Croft Twist and the essence of the Croft brand into an original and contemporary design.

The launch will be supported by customer promotion, widespread advertising on Facebook and sampling at summer events. “We are thrilled to bring such a unique product to market and strongly believe it has all the ingredients to be a huge success,” says Mr Skelton.