October 26, 2020

Godiva brings its signature chocolate creations to a new world of chocolate lovers

Premium chocolate brand Godiva has significantly expanded its global reach by launching its new Godiva Masterpieces collection and introducing its products to supermarkets. A new range of Godiva chocolates will be available in 500 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide as part of a new premium partnership in the UK.

The brand, meeting consumers through its dedicated boutiques and exclusive concessions from duty free retailers to premium department stores, will now bring Godiva into a wider public consciousness on a global scale with the launch of the Godiva Masterpieces.

In the first year of launch, Godiva will partner with retailers in North America, China, UK, Netherland, Sweden, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. By bringing its products to supermarket channels for the first time ever in several markets and collaborating to create innovative in-store brand immersion, millions of new consumers will now have the chance to experience the unique craftsmanship of Godiva chocolates.

The new Godiva Masterpieces collection showcases three of the best-selling Godiva signature chocolates sold in the boutiques. Each masterpiece reflects the original recipe developed by Godiva’s founding family and has its own fascinating tale to tell:

The iconic Dark Chocolate Ganache Heart was created to honour Godiva’s first boutique in Brussels, in other words the ‘heart of Belgium’ and the shape of the white chocolate hazelnut praline anchors this fundamental location, whereas the Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion embossed on the milk chocolate shell, which wraps around velvety liquid caramel, marks another important milestone in the Godiva journey; crowning the year when the brand was appointed to the Royal Court of Belgium; the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Oyster on the other hand was inspired by the founding family’s love for the seaside and the ‘jewels’ of the sea.

Crafted in Godiva’s iconic shapes, these have been reimagined as filled chocolate tablets and individually wrapped chocolates delivering the best of Godiva’s chocolate indulgences. Alongside the Masterpieces will be a range of Godiva Tablets and Gifting boxes, all expertly crafted with premium Belgian chocolate.

Godiva is identifying strategic partnerships with retailers across the world, focused on delivering innovative premium and immersive chocolate experiences in-store. Godiva Masterpieces and Godiva chocolates are now available at 500 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK, with the following range and pricing:

Masterpieces Tablets:

    • 83g, three flavours, RISP £2

Masterpieces Individually Wrapped Chocolates:

    • 93g, three flavours, RISP £4.80

Godiva Tablets:

    • 90g, seven flavours, RISP £2

Gifting Assortments:

    • The Belgium Selection, Medium Box – 215g, 17 piece, RISP £9
    • The Belgium Selection, Large Box – 325g, 26 piece, RISP £13
    • 90th Anniversary – 110g, nine piece, RISP £15;
    • 90th Anniversary – 220g, 18 piece, RISP £28
    • 90th Anniversary Truffles – 12 piece, RISP £22

Jon Eggleton, Managing Director UK & Ireland, pladis, said: “Godiva combines nine decades of traditional chocolate artistry with the latest innovation to offer a sensory experience that is loved by consumers worldwide. We are hugely excited to be expanding in the UK, working with Sainsbury’s to bring luxurious, premium products and in-store experiences that are brand new to this market. We are confident this launch will delight discerning UK chocolate lovers.”

Sainsbury’s Category Manager for Impulse, Rachel Clark, said: “We’re committed to offering our customers an even greater choice of delicious, differentiated food in our stores. Godiva is a leading, premium chocolate brand and the partnership we’re announcing today is a great example of how we’re innovating in our stores to bring our customers an exciting choice of high-quality products and brands that many won’t be able to find anywhere else.”  

Godiva is a global brand, built on a nine-decade legacy of chocolate artistry, blending tradition with pioneering innovation to create everyday luxury moments. Its chocolate is crafted by expert Belgian chocolatier chefs, dedicated to creating extraordinary assortments of tastes and sensations – and deliver chocolate experiences that go beyond the singular sense of taste.

The launch forms part of Godiva’s ambition to be a US$2bn brand within the next five years, growing its presence in the premium global chocolate market and doubling chocolate sales.

The Masterpiece launch is being supported by a global media, PR and in-store campaign.