November 28, 2020

Froneri set to rejuvenate cones sector with Extrême

The UK’s second largest ice cream producer, Froneri, is turning the cones sector on its head with the introduction of a new, premium range of cones. Extrême is the first major strategic brand launch of the combined Froneri business.

The Extrême brand is set to bring indulgence and excitement to the UK cones market, a market which has been flat for a number of years.

Extrême is aiming to penetrate the evening snack occasion, which is currently worth £145m[1], with significant headroom for growth. The product provides a multi-sensory experience, focusing on premium, indulgent flavourings and unique tastes and textures.

The four variations within the Extrême range are; Salted Caramel and White Chocolate, Smooth Hazelnut with Creamy Vanilla, Gooey Chocolate Fudge and Fresh and Fruity Raspberry with Double Cream. All four products will be available in take home and all except Smooth Hazelnut with Creamy Vanilla will be available in impulse from March. 

The product will be covered with crunchy toppings, indulgent sauce and, unlike other cones in the sector, has smooth and contrasting ice cream layers with an indulgent sauce core through to the chocolate tip at the bottom of the cone.

Charlotte Hambling, Head of UK marketing at Froneri, said: “The cones sector has been stagnant in recent years, with consumers looking for a more premium and luxurious choice. Extrême meets this need and will drive incremental category value by tapping into different eating occasions and adding to consumers’ repertoires.

“The consumer research we conducted around the range was overwhelmingly positive, consumers were extremely excited by the unique product concept, finding the layers and the luxury, multi-sensory experience appealing.”

Froneri will be supporting the launch throughout 2018 with a major marketing campaign, spending £2m to launch the new brand through a TV advertising campaign and advertising in cinemas, in order to meet the target demographic of millennials. Alongside this will be a wider multi-media campaign, including digital, outdoor, PR, experiential and social advertising as well as a strong shopper marketing campaign to introduce customers directly to the brand closer to point of purchase

[1] Kantar