October 21, 2020

Doisy & Dam introduce new range this January with a brand new look

Premium chocolate makers Doisy & Dam has continued to shake up the confectionary aisle with the launch of a new range of products, designed to capture the nostalgic excitement of a chocolate treat.

The three-strong portfolio includes Ballers, Buttons and D&Ds, and will be stocked exclusively in 790 Holland & Barrett stores nationwide. The products will be available in two sizes: impulse bags and share pouches.

Each new product is a grown up, modern version of a traditional chocolate favourite, made with healthier and higher quality ingredients. Doisy & Dam has developed these new products as a response to the growing demand of consumers actively seeking a better, more mindful and ethical style of snacking.

The portfolio expansion demonstrates that Doisy & Dam is continuing to spearhead innovation within the impulse premium chocolate category. 

The new range will be made using only the finest ethically-sourced and single-origin Colombian chocolate. Each product is made from natural ingredients, contains no palm oil, is vegan and 30% lower in sugar than the market leading product.

Ballers are crunchy golden malted balls decked out in velvety dark chocolate, Buttons are an extra-large heavy hit of 70% unadulterated chocolate, and D&Ds are a multicoloured, mismatched handful of sugar-coated dark chocolate beans. Doisy & Dam is also proud to be a B-Corp certified company, ensuring all parts of its supply chain are well looked after.

Doisy & Dam Co-Founder, Ed Smith, says: “At Doisy & Dam, we know that consumers are increasingly seeking out healthier, tastier and modern ways to enjoy chocolate so we are thrilled to reveal our new range in response to this. Ballers, Buttons & D&Ds represents classic British favourites that have finally grown up into high quality, ethical and sustainable treats and are perfect for snacking on the go, upgrading coffee breaks or indulging and sharing with friends and family. We can’t wait for people to get their hands on them.”

The new range will also launch in Doisy & Dam’s new brand packaging as part of a brand refresh for 2020. The signature packaging takes on a bold new look and logo, featuring a host of colours and striking patterns, which will roll out across all of its products in January.

Doisy & Dam’s Ballers, Buttons and D&Ds will be available exclusively in Holland & Barrett nationwide, the grab and go and share bags will be available in 790 stores. Impulse bags [30g] are priced at £1.35, while share pouches [75g / 80g] are £2.50.

Find out more at: doisyanddam.com