May 22, 2019

Craft soft drinks brand creates low sugar variant

40 Kola has added to its growing craft soft drinks range with the launch of 40 Kola CUT.

In an effort to give customers greater choice, the lighter version of its original cola contains a third of the sugar and caffeine of 40 Kola. Like all 40 Kola products, 40 Kola CUT has been crafted using only natural ingredients resulting in an all-natural classic cola taste.

Co-founder, Dan Young, said: “As our range grows, it was only a matter of time before we created a lower sugar, lower caffeine variant.

“We’re passionate about giving people the choice of our full range – we’ll never force people to have specific varieties or questionable sweeteners in our drinks. That’s why we’re retaining our signature 40 Kola, and complimenting it with our cut caffeine, cut sugar edition.

“More and more people are turning to craft producers for great-tasting, natural drinks. We pride ourselves on only using 100% natural ingredients – we’ll never add ingredients that you can’t pronounce.”

Using Stevia, a natural plant-based sweetener, the unique drink contains no artificial flavours or preservatives. Stevia doesn’t add any calories, keeping 40 Kola CUT in line with 40 Kola’s all-natural ethos.

A modern take on a classic cola, 40 Kola CUT is the definitive drink with a facelift. Created for the discerning drinker who wants something more premium, the all-natural drink is both refreshing and light.

40 Kola CUT is the third drink in the brand’s craft soft drinks line, with further variants expected to launch in the coming months. Joining the original cola and a zesty Lemon Lime flavour, 40 Kola CUT is expected to be on the shelves from March.

The 40 Kola range is available from and Amazon at £2.50 per 330ml bottle, £24 for 12 or £20 for 12 200ml.