January 27, 2022

Cracking news as the ‘just oval’ poached egg is introduced to the market

Following on from the success of its round poached egg, Just Egg Chilled Foods has added to its egg product collection with an oval, free-range version of this premium product – perfect for restaurants, hotels and all catering opportunities.

The first British manufactured product of its kind, the new oval poached egg is made with free-range, British Lion eggs and prepared and packed to ensure optimum freshness and to preserve flavour, following the same remit as its round counterpart.

Launched two years ago, the round poached egg has been picked up by ‘food to go’ breakfast caterers and cafes who appreciate how the shape and size of the egg complement a breakfast muffin or sandwich.

Used by leading High Street names, the round egg has generated a keen following, thanks to the superior quality of the product and its easy to peel, simple to remove packaging and fast preparation time.

The oval egg is expected to attract its own individual trade funnel, with a specific appeal to those caterers who will use it as a key ingredient for starters, mains, and salads. Thanks to the unique packaging, the eggs are less likely to get damaged when served and so will look, as well as taste, the very best.

Managing director of Just Egg Chilled Foods, Pankaj Pancholi, is delighted to introduce this product to a wider market: “When we first launched our poached egg two years ago, our aim was to innovate and to produce no less than the very best in terms of taste, quality, freshness and presentation.

“We only brought the product to market when we knew that we’d accomplished these goals and we researched and invested to drive that process, producing a poached egg that is the absolute ideal for toast, buns and muffins and is great served as part of a full English breakfast. 

“The oval poached egg is the fulfilment of a secondary ambition to produce a poached egg that will suit as an ingredient for chefs to consider when preparing salads, starters and mains, hence the change in shape. It should satisfy the most discerning of diners.”