October 28, 2020

Build for Brexit with northern 3PL provider

Flexibility has been business critical this year to many across the retail and ecommerce sector, and having the ability to adapt to seemingly ever-changing circumstances has been key to success.

With Brexit driving a demand for comprehensive warehouse solutions, this flexibility by 3PL providers has become even more necessary and those that can adapt are already forming strong partnerships so that the coming months can be navigated with ease, whatever global pandemics and Brexit have to throw at UK businesses.

Carlton Forest 3PL, a renowned provider of 3PL solutions, has seen its client base evolve in recent months attracting many blue chip companies for its efficient services and ability to ‘switch-on’ warehouse space and solutions due to its flexible and diverse warehouse portfolio.

“We’ve built a business model that has allowed us support a wide range of businesses ranging from large blue chips to smaller ecommerce retailers that have needed to seek independent warehousing and distribution channels,” said Diane Ward, Group Operations Director, Carlton Forest Group. “This way of working is proving to be hugely successful for many of our customers now and, despite a significant uplift in demand, we are still able to provide short and long term solutions for any new customers who are ‘Building for Brexit’ or merely wish to overhaul their warehousing and logistics strategy to deliver greater efficiencies.”

The company currently operates its multi-faceted logistics solutions from three warehouses – one based in Hellaby, next to the M18/M1; one in Worksop, just two miles from the A1, and the third in Barnsley which also sits close to the main North/South M1. It has 600,000 sq ft but has access to additional warehousing in similar locations as required.

“A poll by UKWA earlier this year saw 90% of respondents state that even then their warehouses were already full as a result of stockpiling to protect core business operations ahead of Brexit,” said Diane. “That’s great for those that were operating in non-date specific products or had the financial capacity to plan ahead so far in advance. However, for those who are now looking for solutions, or benefitting from unexpected increases in demand attributed to the pandemic and a shift in consumer buying habits, the team at Carlton Forest are well placed to provide adaptable solutions in a timely, professional manner.”

Should your business require assistance with its 3PL solutions and logistics strategies to prepare for Brexit and manage the ongoing pandemic do get in touch with [email protected]. Further information about the portfolio of 3PL services that it can offer can be found by visiting carltonforestgroup.com.

(Photo: Shaun Flannery – shaunflanneryphotography.com)