September 23, 2020

Buckley and Beale to stock Ballymaloe Foods products

Luxury food importer, Buckley and Beale, has announced it is to start stocking a range of the best-selling Ballymaloe Foods products.

Buckley and Beale is an importer of high-quality fine food in the UK. Irish-based Ballymaloe Foods, meanwhile, is a producer of great tasting condiments and is a second-generation family business operating from Ballymaloe House, a renowned country house hotel in Cork in the south of Ireland. Its flagship product is Ballymaloe Relish, an iconic tomato relish in Ireland and a Great Taste Gold Star winner that is sold around the world.

This autumn a selection of Ballymaloe Foods products will be available through Buckley and Beale with free deliveries over £100.

General Manager of Ballymaloe Foods, Maxine Hyde, said: “We decided to join forces with Buckley and Beale as they begin to stock our best-selling products. Buckley and Beale are importers and high-quality fine food in the UK and they provide a high level of service to their customers operating since 2011. This is a very exciting time for Ballymaloe Foods and we are hoping this will be the start of a very successful partnership with Buckley and Beale.”

Adrian Beale from Buckley and Beale said: “We are delighted to now stock Ballymaloe Relish, which is a household staple in Ireland. High demand means that it is available in over 400 stores, as well as Germany, Belgium, USA and Australia. Their relish is created using the best quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods. The result is a rich, delicious, versatile product. Ballymaloe Original Relish is the ideal accompaniment to light meals, picnics and barbecues. If that wasn’t enough, the relish is also vegan, gluten-free and all-natural.”

Recently Ballymaloe Foods signed a deal with Australian retail giants Coles to start supplying its Ballymaloe Relish product to its stores. Ballymaloe Foods started supplying 120 Coles Supermarkets across Australia in May and reports so far are that sales are strong.

(Photo credit: Joleen Cronin)