October 31, 2020

New range aims to revitalise the vegetarian ‘food to go’ market

38002 Roots Shabby Chic PeaSandwich brand URBAN eat has unveiled an innovative range of vegetarian and vegan products set to shake up the shelves and revitalise the vegetarian ‘food to go’ market.

The URBAN eat ‘Roots’ range, approved by the Vegetarian Society, contains nine different sandwiches and wraps. The range will offer non meat-eaters a variety of fresh, flavoursome, multi-cultural cold eat options ranging from ‘The Beat Goes On’, a goats cheese and beetroot sandwich on farmers bread, to the brilliantly named ‘Beany McBeanface’ wrap – a spicy bean, pepper and guacamole tomato wrap.

The range has six brand new sandwiches, including ‘Feta The Better’ (feta cheese, olive and peppers), ‘Rocket Eggs’ (egg mayo and spicy tomato chutney) and ‘Mozza Ella Ella’ (mozzarella, pesto, tomato and rocket).

For those who prefer a lighter bite, there are two new wraps alongside ‘Beany McBeanface’; the ‘Devilish Egg’ wrap – a spinach wrap with Bombay egg and mango chutney – and the ‘A-Mezze-ing’ wrap, which is a tomato tortilla wrap with harrisa houmous and sweet potato falafel.

The ‘A-Mezze-ing’ wrap is one of three vegan products within the range, with the other two being the ‘Bhaji Bonanza’ sandwich – onion bhaji and mango chutney and the ‘Shabby Chic Pea’ sandwich, which is harissa houmous, chickpea, carrot and orange chutney.Feta The Better

It’s an exciting, innovative line-up and URBAN eat Senior Brand Manager, Isla Owen, hopes it will give vegetarian and vegan customers a wider array of lunchtime options, saying: “It’s really important to us that we are able to offer something for everyone so we wanted to bring our vegetarian customers a range that gave them a lot choice.

“It’s estimated that around 12 per cent of the UK population follow a vegetarian or vegan diet and we felt there was a real gap for some innovative food to go products, so we have carefully developed exciting flavours, created quirky product names and colourful packaging to offer much more choice for consumers looking for non-meat options.

“We have taken inspiration from flavours from all over the world, we were keen to move away from just traditional meat-free recipes and we feel we’ve done that and have some really tasty, fresh, exciting products.”

For more information please visit: https://www.urbaneat.co.uk/.