July 9, 2020

17.7m Brits put a pint at the top of their priority list

With the UK’s beloved pubs to reopen on 4th July and breweries planning to deliver millions of pints to Britain’s pubs over the next two weeks, a new opinion poll* reveals that 17.7m Brits would put a trip to the local as their ideal first outing if all lockdown restrictions were lifted.

The research has been commissioned by High Speed Training, a leading online training provider to

the hospitality industry, and involved 2,000 people nationwide. It found that men make up the

majority of would-be pub customers, with over a third putting a trip at the top of their priorities,

compared to just 18% of women.

Ahead of going out for a meal at a restaurant and enjoying a coffee in a café, a trip to the pub is

most favoured amongst Northerners, particularly those in the North East at 38% – 10% more keen for a pint compared to any other region. Adults in the East Midlands (23%) and the South West (22%) are the least likely to head straight to the pub.

North East37.80%
Yorkshire and the Humber28.30%
West Midlands27.72%
North West27.27%
South East26.62%
East Anglia24.72%
East Midlands22.70%
Northern Ireland22.41%
South West21.67%

Dr Richard Anderson, Head of Learning and Development at High Speed Training, said: “As the UK

eases out of the current lockdown, pubs should be rest assured that Brits will be eager to return. In

preparation for the influx of customers, businesses should ensure they’re well equipped to keep up

with demand in a secure and safe manner.”

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